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April 16, 2015
KeyNote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
Equity and Community Engagement Convening

Dr. Harbour’s Coaching Is Transformational. Using A Facilitative Coaching Process, Breakthrough Coaching She facilitates Clients To Work From The “inside Out’ Setting The Agenda To Achieve The Goals That Matter To Them. She Is A Resource, Champion For Her Clients. She Supports Them To Be Accountable And Achieve The Goals “they Say Matter To Them” She Is Not An Advisor, Counselor Or Therapist, Rather The Success Clients Archive Working With   Coach Pat Is Directly Connected To Their Level Of Effort And Commitment.’

Coaching Sessions May Be

  • Individual And Personal Life Coaching
  • Professional Or Executive Coaching
  • Group Or Team Coaching


Facilitation And Workshop Design:  Dr. Harbour’s Work Is Transformational. She Invites Participants To Expand Their Thinking , And Practices. Her Facilitation Encourages Participants Collaborative Learning And Working In Community And Partnership. She Facilitates Opportunities For Networking Within And Beyond The Home Base.


Speaker And Presenter:

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Luncheon Speaker
  • Conference And Presenter
  • Speakers Bureau —– ( Available For This A Goal)

Primary Focus

  1. Engaging The Whole Community In Education
  2. Collaboration Between Professional Educators And Citizen Educators, Parents


  • K-12 Education; Education Is Broader Than Schools
  • The Community Is A Resource For Educating Our Youth
  • Transform Education:
  • Community Educators Beyond Just School Reform
  • Community Education And Democracy Are Inseparable
  • Engaging The Whole Community