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April 16, 2015
KeyNote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
Equity and Community Engagement Convening


Listen to Dr. Pat Harbour discuss her new book Community Educators: A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth with radio host Gerod Stevens on WBOK 1230-AM‘s Good Morning Show.

Press Release April, 2015 Dr.  Pat moore Harbour addresses National Collective Impact Network  Partnerships April 16, 2015 in Atlanta, GA Sponsored by StriveTogether ~ Cradle To Career, Collective Impact Network Partnerships Cincinnati, Ohio Dr. Patricia Moore Harbour will speak about how Community Engagement Transforms Education

She will present the results of her study  as reported in her book, Community Educators ~ A resource for Educating and Developing our Youth, foreword by David mathews which was published by the Kettering foundation Press, Dayton, Ohio.  She will discuss How Education is broader than just schools and the importance of community engagement  and collaboration.

Harbour says, ” the message critical to her keynote is that citizens are an asset to education and all sectors of the community have  talents, skills and and wisdom to bring to the education, growth and development of young people”.  in addition,  Harbour is quick to say the community includes citizens, parents, professional educators, schools business, faith based leadership and congregations, as well as government agencies, media,elected officials, and other organizations and institutions that are  part of community life”.  “It takes all of us to prepare the next generation,  she reminds us.

Harbour has worked both sides of the community in this discussion. with experiences as a parent and community leader she offered after school programs for youth , K -12.  She spent many years in public education which included responsibility as a classroom teacher, principal and assistant superintendent.  Dhr  continues to mentor and coach young people.

Dr.. Harbour’s book, Community Educators ~ A Resource for Educating our Youth is available at

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