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April 16, 2015
KeyNote Speaker and Workshop Facilitator
Equity and Community Engagement Convening

“Terrific book. Patricia Harbour’s Community Educators is an eloquent and impassioned ease for us all to remember the deepest wisdom in American Education—it takes a whole community, with all its complexities, networks, cultures, and actors, to educate children. This premise, the foundation for America’s democratic life, is more important than ever in the 21st century.”

Harry Boyte, Director,
Center for Democracy and Citizenship

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Dr. Harbour, author and educator is a dynamic speaker, and social change leader. She is committed to shared ownership of education and broadening community responsibility to ensure a positive productive future for all of our youth.  She is a certified professional and personal coach, and facilitator.  Her clients include organizations, communities, individuals, educators, executives, non-profit organizations, communities and foundations. She was awarded a doctorate of education degree in education administration and policy studies from the prestigious George Peabody College of Education at Vanderbilt University. Read more  

Harbour Book Tour: Broadens Definition of Education

 Community Educators: A Resource for Educating and Developing Our Youth
by Patricia Moore Harbour

Dr. Harbour was well received on her national book Tour.

book-signingAmong the many locations visited the tour included communities from Charlotte to San Francisco; from St. Paul/ Minneapolis; to New Orleans. But her first stop was home, The State of Virginia.

Pat thought, “What an honor it is to introduce my book for the first time, in my home town, Roanoke Virginia. She returned to “The Village” that cared, supported and educated her.   Pat was deeply moved by the gathering of childhood friends, her Lucy Addison high school classmates, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority members, spiritual leaders and church members with whom she worshiped, , school teachers and administrators were there. Also in attendance were   business colleagues and friends with whom she served on the Hollins University Board of Trustees and others and so many citizens, parents community leaders she met for the first time. Youth she mentored and cherished came.

The event, a Jazz reception was sponsored by the Harrison museum of African American Culture, Director Charles Price and the Omega Psi Phi fraternity Que House, Joseph Hancock, Director. Government officials, including Mayor David Bowers and City Council woman Anita Price, along with classroom teachers, Executive Administrators from the Roanoke public Schools were active participants in the gathering. This was particularly special because Roanoke is discussed in the first chapter of her book, Community Educators ~A Resource for Educating and developing our Youth.

” I am reminded’, Pat said, “how Roanoke exemplifies the way citizens, parents and all sectors of the community and schools come together for education.” All sectors of the community are co-conspirators responsible to shape the future of the next generation”. This is an important theme in her book.

As she spoke her eyes were drawn to the face of Mrs. Sallye Coleman, her 7th and 8th grade social Studies teacher her teacher was seated proudly in the front row smiling as she listened to her student speak. Mrs. Coleman was one of many Roanokers included in her book. They inspired Pat along with her parents and grandparents.   Neighbors and church provided a solid foundation that prepared her for this time in her life.

A huge lesson from Roanoke and other communities visited was how important it is to nurture youth from the crib and support them to become competent, confident, productive and contributing citizens. Everybody has a role and responsibility. Pat says, “It takes all of us, the whole community to raise a child “.

Another major lesson learned from citizens throughout the book tour was that citizens are an asset with talent, wisdom, life experiences and skills. In addition citizens have the capacity to contribute to the education and development of the whole child.

Citizens and communities have already begun. Now they see themselves as community educators.

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